HONDA CB 500 Four Classic Racing


  Outdoor circle race dedicated motorbike is modification of serial Honda CB 500.   Frame is rebuilt from simple to double frame construction in accordance to the original racing Honda photographs. Front fork is shortened with modified sliders,disc is Gold Fren brand. The serial rear swing fork was reinforced to increase its rigidity. Front hood and back cover are modified Moto Forza. Own made tank is designed to optimize motorbike’s weight balance. Engine is tuned for higher power and equipped with own made exhausting pipes. Two radiators were embedded by adapters into the oil system for cooling function improvement.





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Racing gearbox



Kryt 002Kryt 003









Gear ratios: 1st -  1,80 ( 1,85 or 1,95 )

                   2nd – 1,42

                   3rd -  1,15                              

                   4th -  1,00

                   5th -   0,90                                                                     Price: 790 Euro




Primary gearwheel


Kryt 004


Weight: 300 g                                                    Price: 80 Euro





Front hub


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Material: magnesium

Weight: 732 g                                                                                          Preis: 66 Euro






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