The idea to produce replica of four cylinder Torpedo had risen when I saw its photograph in book “Naše motocykly” (“Our Motorbikes”) by L. Marčík. I was absolutely fascinated by the unique, extraordinary engine and the “racing” look of this vehicle.





Drawing documentation was created in co-operation with Ing.Vratislav Honzálek sen. and jgr., who used modern design procedures to achieve a high fidelity of the replica. The biggest challenge was design of the distribution mechanisms in accordance to a usual genuine practice of Trojan & Nagl Kolín company.





Photography and model overlapping


I deeply acknowledge Ing. Jaroslav Vidrma assistance and appreciate his valueable inputs that helped us to maintain authenticity of the individual parts.



Genuine procedures used at the time of the original motorbike manufacturing were used to produce the replica. For example: hand tube bending, foundry works for cylinders, engine block, frame tube junctions and steering stem.













Individual frame parts were connected by pins and the complete frame was welded together by brass. Motorbike paint finish was made by hand brush.



We are manufacturing engine components at present time.


Technical specification:

Engine volume: 920 ccm

Output power: around 10 HP

Ignition: low voltage type

Gearbox: two gears with free motion inside of rear wheel hub.