BMW R 32

Renovation of hardly incomplete motorbike BMW R 32 took nearly two years.


Damaged or missing engine parts were necessary to make completely from the beginning. This includes piston rod with pots, tappet driver and many other spare parts that had to be manufactured in accordance to the drawing supplied by the customer. Gearbox is made with new starting segment, bearing-cases and clutch plate. All the other parts were renovated from the original components.






Engine leakproofness was improved per customer request. Labyrinths and cloth gaskets were replaced by simmerings. I have modified some parts and others had to be manufactured from the beginning to enable this upgrade.






    Some of the chassis missing parts were provided by owner from other replica makers, the rest was made by myself by the supplied documentation and drawings -for example wheel centre, propeller shaft, dasher holder, front stand, tachometer shaft, complete rear break lever etc. Tandem saddle was made in accordance with the historical photography. The vehicle is equipped by own made fork. This fork is offered also separately in section Tube frames and forks.






Complete motorbike patination was tuned to match the original engine look.